You’re Changing What?

The face of depression. Rebecca’s Dream is CHANGING THE FACE OF DEPRESSION. One person at a time. One voice at a time. One story at a time. Rebecca’s Dream is educating those who don’t believe that depression and bipolar disorder are real diseases. We are serious about our mission and vision, and we continue to swim upstream, against the current, hitting the rocks, falling backward and beginning the journey all over again…and again and again.

Robin William’s death by suicide jolted us all into high alert for signs and symptoms of depression, but not so much about bipolar disorder. The world’s sadness and grief was palpable. How could such a brilliant, funny, warm, generous, loving actor, comedian, friend, father, and husband want to die by his own hand? What did we, collectively, miss? Robin was open and honest about his struggles with depression and addiction…but he wasn’t so open about bipolar disorder.

We will acutely miss this wonderful man’s creative genius that revealed itself in playful improv comedy and an unbelievably wide range of dramatic acting roles. Besides his Academy Award for Good Will Hunting (and 3 more nominations), he won 6 Golden Globes, 2 Primetime Emmys, the Hollywood Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and even 4 Grammys for his comedy albums/recordings—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We know how many incredible things Robin Williams accomplished in his life on earth…but we will never know how many even more incredible things he would have accomplished. He had so much life yet to be lived. So much.

That’s the evil of depression and bipolar disorder. They are diseases that rob people of their future…and, often, of their present as well. Bipolar disorder, with its chemical imbalance swirling in the brain, is particularly sneaky. This imbalance causes messages to misfire relentlessly, and sometimes, these insidious misfired messages can “make” you do things that, otherwise, would never even enter your head. Bipolar disorder can trap you in a mood for weeks or months…it can flip you from one feeling or thought to another and then another without any rhyme or reason whatsoever. It prevents people from enjoying their lives and the people in their lives. In a word? Bipolar disorder sucks.

But thanks to all kinds of excellent treatments, the evils of depression and bipolar disorder can be managed. People can—and do—enjoy their lives (and the people in them) again. People can—and do—achieve great things and make invaluable contributions to society. Balancing meds, exercise, sleep, food, and support from others becomes their way of life…a good way of life. Yes, it’s challenging to live with a mood disorder…but yes, it’s doable…and every single day, millions of people are, indeed, doing it.

Rebecca’s Dream is dedicated to educating our society about the reality of mood disorders. We’re dedicated to showing people the real faces that lie beneath the masks of perfection and happiness. Robin Williams was one happy fellow…or, so it seemed, right? He wore his mask well. I wonder if people believed him, if they truly heard him, when he revealed the truth of what his life was like beneath that deceptively happy mask. My best guess? Not so much. What did he have to be depressed about? Wasn’t he a famous star with the whole world at his feet? Didn’t he have it all? From the outside, it sure looked like that. But the real face beneath that external mask was anything but happy.

CHANGING THE FACE OF DEPRESSION—the face beneath that mask—is the mission of Rebecca’s Dream. Robin Williams and Rebecca—and all of those like them—will help us to “unmask” depression. Robin and Rebecca looked like they had it all. They were the best and the brightest. They were perfection on the outside. But on the inside, they were in profound pain.

Will you help Rebecca’s Dream to “unmask” and shine light on mood disorders…to continue to promote awareness and compassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases?

Will you help us continue to promote compassionate understanding for the people behind these masks who live with depression and bipolar disorder—and for their families, colleagues, and friends?

Will you help us educate those who continue to judge books by their covers instead of their content?

Rebecca’s Dream shines strong and bright—we do all we can to offer those living with mood disorders the light of hope, but we cannot do it alone.

Please join us as we shed light on depression and bipolar disorder

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Rebecca’s Dream needs your support. Millions of people living with depression and bipolar disorder need your support…they need your light.

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