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The Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) is a screening tool to help doctors better distinguish between depression and bipolar disorder. It was developed by a team of psychiatrists, researchers and consumer advocates led by Robert M.A. Hirschfeld of the University of Texas, Medical Branch.

The questionnaire is self-administered and comprised of 5 questions. It asks:

  • if you’ve experienced any of 13 specific behaviors associated with bipolar disorder

  • if the symptoms you checked in question one occurred at the same time

  • about the severity of your symptoms

  • about your family’s history of mental illness

  • if you’ve previously been diagnosed with a mental illness

Early research found the MDQ to have both good sensitivity and specificity. In a 2002 publication, Dr. Hirschfeld reported that the MDQ correctly identified 7 of 10 patients with bipolar disorder, and correctly screened out 9 of 10 patients without bipolar disorder.

You shouldn’t accept a diagnosis of bipolar disorder based on a brief questionnaire. If your doctor or a therapist uses the MDQ or another similar screening tool, you should simply consider this a starting point towards an accurate diagnosis. Your physician should proceed with a full clinical evaluation for bipolar disorder.