Bipolar Disorder and Life Events

Life Events and Bipolar Disorder

June 4, 2017. This date sounds innocuous but in truth it looms large. June 4, 2017 is the day my youngest son graduated high school. I am beyond proud of him, especially because he faced some serious developmental challenges in his younger days. I am excited for his new adventure as he gets ready to march off to Indiana University in the fall. Although this is a very exciting time, there is a dialectic that arises I celebrate.

My bipolar disorder seems to be triggered at least in part by the impending changes to our family dynamics. My first reaction is to be angry that I am feeling this way at this very exciting time. My kinder gentler self is trying to acknowledge that even very exciting times may prove difficult with my illness. I know June 4 signifies a very important milestone, and also the first phase of the new chapter of my son’s life. I will celebrate with him and with the rest of my family and I will try not to let my illness get in the way.


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