Depression, anxiety, PTSD: The mental impact of climate change

With floods — as well as storms, heat waves and droughts — expected to increase in frequency thanks to climate change, the impact such trauma may have on the minds of those affected is something doctors, policymakers and governments are considering when planning services to help populations at-risk.

It’s amazing how much environment can impact one’s state of mind.

It’s a dream many city-dwellers long for: moving to a spacious house surrounded by greenery in the countryside, where they plan to raise their family.

In 1996, Heather Shepherd, now 50, and her family did just that. Moving away from the congestion and noise of their north London home, they migrated to a 17th-century farmhouse that they would renovate and make their sanctuary.
Their village near Shrewsbury in Shropshire had just 70 residents, according to Shepherd, whom they would get to know well.
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