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It is Because of YOU, Rebecca’s voice has been heard! It is Because of YOU, Rebecca’s Dream have become a reality! It is Because of YOU, our government and society are Slowly but surely becoming educated about Mental Illness and Bipolar! You have touched the lives of countless people, one can only imagine and inspired So many more!!! I personally have felt completely mesmerized by your words every time I read them! And for that matter anytime I have listened to you speak at Rebecca’s Dream!
Rebecca’s Legacy has truly become a permanence in our lives. There’s no turning back! Depression and bipolar disorder are real diseases, and they ARE getting the medical and public attention they deserve. Ideally Rebecca knows that her dream has come true.
Keep fighting. Keep speaking out. You are making progress.
Rebecca’s Dream is a courageous incredible reality thanks to you. Keep up the food work.
Thank you for your continues hard work. And bringing this out of the dark.
Thank you for Continuing to Change and Help and Educate the Lives of So many people out there!!! Not to mention you INSPIRE them AND ME each and Everyday!!!
Thank you for always saying and doing right for those of us who live with mood disorders. We need advocates as we can get!
Thank you again for all that you do on behalf of those of us who live with mood disorders. You probably don’t even realize how much you’ve done for all of us since Rebecca died. I know that is your gift to her and we are the beneficiaries of your kindness.
When you touch our souls with your wisdom and we can then touch another soul, we are on our way to teaching and therefore preserving the world!
Your perspective on bipolar disorder has really helped me through some trying personal days. Keep up your good work and know how much those of us who live with mood disorders respect what you do to make the world a better place for us.
You should be very proud of yourself for giving a voice to those who cannot so eloquently express their hurt, shame, or concern with how the world continues to view mental illness. Thank you for speaking on behalf of me, my family, and all of those around us suffering silently. Please know that you have been heard.
Dear Gail, Your inspiration to get the word out is amazing to me. I applaud you. I suffer from depression,and work very hard to take care of myself. This year I want to do a bike ride or walk to support Suicide Awareness and Prevention. I am a recent survivor,and know my life was spared in order for me to do good works regarding our goals this year. Thank you for your hard work!
You do an amazing job of changing the world for so many people, every day.
Great presentation and list of resources. Comfortable setting and conversation helped to remove some of the stigma associated with depression. Bravo!
Thank you for being such good and caring people. All of you. You, the parents and also the ones who support your work, the ones who take the step and seek your support. I will have a good day now that I know you exist.
Berlin, Germany
Please keep fighting the good fight.