13 Reasons Why – A Discussion with Dr. Michelle Epstein

Dr. Michelle Epstein, Clinical Psychologist and Scientific Advisor for Rebecca’s Dream, discusses “13 Reasons Why” on WGN-TV Morning News with Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten.

Dr. Epstein expertly addresses how Hannah’s “revenge suicide” is fueled by distorted thinking. If Hannah’s parents, friends and school personnel had listened to her with compassionate understanding, she could have received necessary professional support for a treatable disease. Hannah chose a permanent solution for painful ~ but temporary ~ situations.

Dr. Epstein recommends providing our children with early education about their emotional health and well-being to help increase education and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and increase the probability that children and teens will reach out for support when needed.

Please listen in as Dr. Epstein discusses “13 Reasons Why.”

Source: WGNtv.com