Rebecca’s Dream: Changing the Face of Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Our mission is to promote awareness and compassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases.


About Rebecca's Dream
Rebecca’s Dream was established in 2005 in celebration of the life of Rebecca Lynn Cutler, a journalist who succumbed to depression and bipolar disorder at age 30. Rebecca’s family and friends continue her personal mission to help others receive proper treatment and needed support. More than 14 million people live with depression in the United States. However, due to misdiagnosis or individuals’ not seeking care, many experts believe the number is closer to 35 million. And another six million adults live with bipolar disorder. Through fundraisers, meet-and-greet events, and generous donations from people like you, we have raised over $1,000,000 to fund grants, generate resources and promote awareness while reducing the stigma of mental health issues. Living with depression and bipolar disorder can be tough, but with helpful guidance, positive changes are possible for individuals and their families.
Contact Rebecca's Dream
Rebecca’s Dream can be reached via telephone at 773-423-7326 (773-42DREAM) or via email at Please note: Rebecca’s Dream does not respond to individual treatment- and/or service-related inquiries. If you believe yourself or a loved one to be in danger, dial 911 immediately.