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Project Description

Rebecca’s Dream funded a podcast series about depression and bipolar disorder which covers many topics important to young adults; dealing with failed personal expectations, coping with feeling behind your peers, helping your friends to understand, impact of substance abuse and when, how, and with whom to share your diagnosis.


Rebecca’s Dream funded this DBSA Young Adult Council Partners with Campus Coalition

All for 1 is a cross-campus coalition that strives to offer support for college students experiencing mental health concerns as well as work with universities across the nation to reevaluate their current policies with regards to mental health. DBSA’s Young Adult Council had the opportunity to speak with All for 1 co-chairs, Jenna Zhang and Kathryn Dewitt, to learn more about this unique endeavor and how other young adults can get involved.

Dealing with Failed Expectations

Often times, we have great expectations of ourselves – and this can certainly be a good thing! However, sometimes these expectations can work against us, making us feel as if we are failing in our lives. Join DBSA’s Young Adult Council co-chair, Geralyn Dexter, and young adult mental health advocate and author, Linea Johnson, as they explore the difficulties in handling failed personal expectations.

In-patient Hospitalization for Mental Health Conditions

Join mental health advocate and author, Linea Johnson, as she shares her experience with in-patient hospitalization for mental health concerns and offers helpful tips for others who may also experience hospitalization.

Struggling In Silence

All over the world many people with mood disorders struggle in silence. Often times they have fears of telling others or beliefs about themselves that make it difficult to speak up. Linea Johnson shares her experiences with struggling in silence and offers some tips for others to combat this.

Dealing with Relapse

Experiencing relapse is a very real concern for many of us living with a mood disorder. Linea Johnson shares her personal experiences with relapse and how she has come to accept this part of her life.

Helping Friends Understand Your Mental Health Condition

Sometimes even the most well-meaning friends just can’t understand what you are going through. In this podcast, Linea Johnson shares her experiences with friends who both “get-it” and don’t.

Finding Balance

Mental health advocate and author, Linea Johnson, shares her experiences with finding balance and why this is so important for her.

Coping with Feelings behind your Peers

Join Geralyn Dexter and Linea Johnson as they discuss the difficulties of feeling behind your peers while dealing with a mental health condition.

Handling a Quarter Life Crisis

In this podcast, Linea Johnson takes on the role of interviewer while Young Adult Council co-chair, Geralyn Dexter, shares her experiences with handling a quarter life crisis.


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