The Gavel Goes To…

The next generation of Rebecca’s Dream’s Executive Board of Directors

With pride and heartfelt gratitude Norm and I welcome:

Brett Cutler ~ President
Stanford Slovin ~ Vice President
Rachel Fersten ~ Treasurer
Joyce Mayster ~ Secretary

These stellar dreamers, along with RD’s outstanding Board of Directors, will continue to carry forward the mission and vision of Rebecca’s Dream with dedication, devotion and inspiration to PROMOTE AWARENESS AND COMPASSIONATE UNDERSTANDING OF DEPRESSION AND BIPOLAR DISORDER AS REAL DISEASES.

We also welcome LSi Media as RD’s Webmaster and media consultant. Together, we are updating and improving our cyber connections to you, our loyal supporters, and to those who are not yet acquainted with Rebecca’s Dream. A work in progress with already wonderful results. LSi ~ welcome to the family.

As RD’s new executive board begins their tenure our programming continues to grow in scope, depth and importance. Elementary and high school districts are requesting: ‘Teens and Transitions’ and ‘Navigating the Middle Years’ for parents regarding transitioning to middle school and to high school for their children and for themselves. RD emphasizes ‘what is normal and what is not normal’ as tweens and teens graduate to the next level of their education, social interactions and feelings about themselves and steps to seek help. We have a lot to offer parents and they want to know. Our measure of success is that school counselors report receiving more calls than normal from parents after each RD program.

‘You Are What You Think’ is another successful program for high school students. RD offers insights into how to manage feelings, social issues and pressures felt by most high school teens. After each session attendees were asked to complete a card if they wanted help from school counselors ~ 10% of more than 100 students asked for that help. A true measure of RD’s success to promote awareness and compassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases.

RD’s Benefits are always fun while also promoting our mission through an educational component. We want our guests to not only say, “I had a great time” but to leave knowing more about depression and bipolar disorder than when they arrived. So far, 11 years of measurable success.

Join us!! Sunday, July 16, 2017 at Ravinia Festival for the TCHAIKOVSKY SPECTACULAR…dinner under a tent and music in the pavilion. A perfect evening for the senses while supporting the important work of Rebecca’s Dream. Watch for your Save the Date.

As Norm and I step onto the sidelines of our beloved Rebecca’s Dream we feel secure in the knowledge that the next teams will build upon the strong foundation already in place and will move the Dream into areas we cannot imagine. We are the old guard. The fresh young guard is ready to fly high and proud.

Rebecca would be pleased. Mom and Dad are pleased.

With gratitude to you, our supporters, to those we have not yet met and to the present DREAM TEAM.

Thank you.
Gail W. Cutler, Immediate Past President