Newsletter August 2017

Dear Rebecca’s Dream’s Supporters,


hanks to you, many more teens and their families look forward to a healthier and stigma free future.

The programs that Rebecca’s Dream provides helps educate tweens, teens, families and the community on the signs of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases, as well as, offering information and support to those living with mental illnesses.

It’s with your help that this is possible. Thank you for contributing, volunteering, supporting and attending Rebecca’s Dream’s events.

Thank you for your continued dedication to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Together we are making a difference.


Rebecca’s Dream’s Board of Directors

“You are not your illness. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is the battle.”

Inspiration and Creation of

“It’s All In Your Head”

As a final project for my freshman year of college, I was promoted to create a book with the topic of my choice. I decided to use my personal experiences in dealing with mental illnesses to write about what I knew. The idea for this book came years ago, when I was struggling myself, and my mother did not know how to help me. Anything she read came from doctors or other professionals, in words that are sometimes hard to understand. From a teenagers perspective, I knew I could write something more comprehensible. 3 years later, “It’s All In Your Head” was born. I never could have imagined my book being applied in the real world. I had planned to share it with family and friends, I never expected it to become a part of something bigger than myself.

I am very excited to have Rebecca’s Dream use my book in their educational programs. I feel honored and proud that my work and research will reach dozens more kids, and hopefully change their lives for the better.

Marlee F.

Pictured above: Brett Cutler, Rebecca’s Dream’s President, Merit recipients for the short film “I’m Fine,” Emma Hill, Kylie, Cutler, Bella McAlhaney, Rae Cohen, (not pictured Lexi Cohn), writer and creator of the book “It’s All In Your Head”, Marlee Fersten and Stanford Slovin, Rebecca’s Dream’s Vice President.

Preparing for School…I Was There!

College freshman orientation season is upon us. My younger son was scheduled for his orientation in early July. Because of my bipolar disorder I was not always available for important events throughout his high school career. Thus, I was committed to being able to both attend and be present at his college orientation.

Once the day was upon us I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed by both the change orientation represents and the actual orientation itself. For instance, I realized I was going to be in big groups which often trigger my symptoms. I had to call upon many of the skills that I learned over the years. But in the end I attended each session and took in the information and was available to my son as he contemplated his course of study for the first semester.

I feel so appreciative of and grateful for the help and support I get that made it possible to be part of this important time in my son’s life. Not to say it was easy. But I was there. Physically and emotionally. Next stop: the drop off!


Scholarship Opportunity for High School Seniors

Opening September 2017

Rebecca’s Dream is pleased to announce the Rebecca’s Dream Scholarship in memory of Dr. Harlan Haimes, Co-founder of Rebecca’s Dream.

Rebecca’s Dream will be awarding scholarships to senior high school students who share in our mission and vision to reduce the stigma of mental illness. The scholarships are open to all seniors attending; Deerfield, Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Highland Park, Libertyville and Stevenson High Schools. The scholarships may be applied to an accredited two or four year college or university, technical or trade school or business college for tuition or fees. The winners of Rebecca’s Dream’s Annual Scholarships will receive their awards of $1,500, $1,000 or $500 in the spring of 2018.

Rebecca’s Dream is committed to serving the community by promoting awareness and compassionate understanding of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases.

Additional information will be available on Rebecca’s Dream’s website in September 2017.

On July 16, 2017, we gathered for the “It Takes a Dream to Make a Difference” Benefit celebrating 12 years of Rebecca’s Dream at Ravinia Festival. President, Brett Cutler shared 2017 accomplishments, future programming and honored middle school and college students for making the topic of mental illness a conversation and by helping further Rebecca’s Dream’s mission.
Vice-president Stanford Slovin announced Rebecca’s Dream’s College Scholarship in memory of Dr. Harlan Haimes, co-founder of Rebecca’s Dream. It was a beautiful night enjoyed with supporters and friends of Rebecca’s Dream.

Rebecca's Dream 2017 Summer Ravinia Event

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Featured Book

Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion by Elisha Goldstein

In seven simple steps, Uncovering Happiness uses cutting-edge mindfulness and self-
compassion techniques along with innovations in neuroscience to release natural antidepressants in the brain. Dr. Goldstein shows you how to take back control of your mind, your mood, and your life.

Most of us believe when we’re depressed that our situation is hopeless. That’s a mistake, Dr. Elisha Goldstein reassures us in Uncovering Happiness. The secret to overcoming depression and uncovering happiness is in harnessing our brain’s own natural antidepressant power and ultimately creating a more resilient antidepressant brain. Uncovering Happiness is grounded in two key foundations: mindfulness and self-compassion, and backed by recent scientific discoveries. New research shows that mindfulness reduces the risk of relapse in people who have experienced depression and can be a significant alternative, or supplement, to medication. The second foundation is self-compassion—a state of mind in which you understand your own suffering with an inclination to support yourself. Goldstein explores our natural antidepressants—along with mindfulness and self-compassion, also purpose, play, and confidence—and offers specific techniques for putting them into action. Together, these elements can transform something that typically forces us to spiral downward and turn it into an upward spiral of self-worth and resiliency.

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