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Project Description

WHAT IF he/she begins frequently complaining that he is bored with basketball and seems disengaged and almost lazy during games. One month earlier he/she lived for the game. His/her typically packed social calendar has seemed unusually quiet lately. He/she doesn’t seem to be socializing with friends. You contemplate asking, “what’s up?’”


Middle School years can be difficult as kids navigate their way through independence, acceptance, hormonal changes, academic pressure, anxiety, stress, and in some cases depression. What if you see changes in your child’s behavior? What would you do? This program offers parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss challenges and choices kids face on a daily basis.

An interactive discussion between parents and mental health professionals explores the middle school experience including independence, freedom, decision making, friendships, and making mistakes while being able to identify when a child needs help. Learn the signs and symptoms of depression and where and when to seek help.

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“Incredible! As an educator and father, I am truly grateful for having spent the afternoon with you and our community. Your knowledge, wisdom, passion and commitment are unparalleled. Thank you for making a difference in our family’s lives.”

Matt Eriksen, Principal of Edgewood Middle School, Highland Park

Thank you again on behalf of Edgewood and the pro for coming today and sharing your incredible knowledge. There is no question that everyone felt the information was worthwhile and very helpful as we all wan the best for our kids and want to be sure that we don’t miss important “flags.”

Edgewood PTO


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