Tell Me What You Remember

Rebecca’s Dream and Erasing the Distance will re-mount the theatrical production TELL ME WHAT YOU REMEMBER, a true story of one family’s life-altering battle with depression, using their distinct journey to illustrate the universal truth of how deeply depression can impact both those who suffer, and those who love them.

TELL ME WHAT YOU REMEMBER first premiered in December of 2014. It was the culmination of ETD’s year-long Depression in Families Project, commissioned by Rebecca’s Dream.

With a professional playwright’s guidance and expertise, one family’s story was featured using the storyteller’s words gathered from original transcripts, letters and follow up interviews.

TELL ME WHAT YOU REMEMBER ran for 6 nights in December , 2014 to full audiences and very positive feedback. The show was “Highly Recommended” by theater critic Alan Bresloff from Around the Town Theater, who also said:

“This play filled with snippets of life takes us to places where many of us might see things that will spark memories of our lives. One of the beautiful parts of the sterling production is the audience being able to take part in the discussion after the paly as well as expressing themselves to their neighbors at the theater.”

TELL ME WHAT YOU REMEMBER will be remounted at Filament Theater in Chicago for a 9-night run from November 11-15 and 19-22, 2015 in order to provide more people with the opportunity to experience this unique production. It will be a ticketed, full theatrical production that will include an interactive lobby installation.