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Project Description

We cannot change our child’s biology or genetics. Some children will develop mental health issues under the “best” of circumstances. We cannot necessarily predict whose predisposition might be triggered by life’s events.

FOCUS on increased awareness, early intervention and creating a nurturing and accepting environment with open communication. FOCUS on factors that may help buffer and protect children with harsh environments, it may create a situation that minimizes severity and affords early intervention is possible. FOCUS on what we all can do as parents within our own homes to faster sound mental health.


  • Awareness

  • Understanding versus controlling children

  • Behavior is a manifestation of emotion

  • Promote and accept your child

  • Advocate for your child

  • Be an impactful model

  • Logical consequences and positive reinforcements

  • Caretaker self-care

This program explores the signs, types and triggers of depression.


Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary of Rebecca’s Dream and your continued move forward with your good – and so much needed work.


The work that Rebecca’s Dream is doing is tremendous, There are so many people needing help, so many minds that need changing and so much work to do. Never underestimate the importance of your mission or the impact you’re having.



Rebecca’s Dream’s 13th Annual Benefit

February 24, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm