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Project Description

Rebecca’s Dream celebrated: MAY 2016 ~ MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH through education, advocacy, and offering free and discounted exercise classes, stress reducing treatments, and healthy foods from businesses.

Four free educational programs designed to raise awareness and promote good mental health included the viewing and discussion of a meaningful movie focusing on mental health issues, “Teens and Transitions” ~ mental health professionals and high school staff interact with parents about ’what is normal and what is not’ at the local high school; “Middle Years” ~ a discussion between parents and mental health professionals about signs and symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, stress and anxiety in tweens at the local middle school; and a free yoga and mediation class for teens at the local high school.

“The goal is to promote like-minded local businesses and to educate the community as to all the resources that are available to maintain good mental health,” said Beth Goshen, Mental Health Month Chair.

Upcoming Events

Rebecca’s Dream’s 13th Annual Benefit

February 24, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm