“I’m Here…”

One out of ten people live with a mood disorder, which makes it likely that you or someone you know has to manage the day-to-day—sometimes minute-to-minute—challenges that living with a mood disorder poses.

Learning how to navigate in an ever-changing world that is still relatively new to mental health treatment can be overwhelming and sometimes isolating not only for those who live with a mood disorder, but also their friends and loved ones.

I’m here… is a way for—both people living with a mood disorder and those who support—to open up a channel for communication and to say, “I’m here…”

Knowing that you’re not alone on your journey is an important part of wellness, but reaching out to others can be difficult and sometimes seem impossible. On the flip side, it can be challenging for someone to watch a friend or family member struggle with mood disorder symptoms and not know what to say or do.

The goal of I’m here… isn’t to “fix” anyone or be a counselor of sorts; it’s to connect with another person and to build awareness.

Rebecca’s Dream funded I’m here for the DBSA campaign.